Storybox 01Story Box is initially an oral language activity that can, if desired, also be used as a written activity. The resource is divided up into seven sections, colour-coded for ease of use:
1. Who?
2. Where?
3. Where Next?
4. What Goes Wrong!
5. Who Helps?
6. Where Last?
7. Feelings

Cards for each pack should be printed, cut out and laminated. Keep each bundle of cards separate. There are seven numbered cards to show the pupil the order of the story. This exercise could be done as a class oral activity, a group activity or as an individual activity. It could also be helpful for the teacher to do a demonstration of how the story works.

Two cards should be selected from the first group of cards (Who?), and one card from each of the other groups. The cards can be placed on the floor/table in order. This is the order that the story should be told. By following this order, you are giving pupils a story structure that they can also follow when they proceed to write a story on their own.

The aim is for the class/pupil to link the seven elements of the story together to construct an oral narrative. If an individual pupil is doing this exercise, it may be helpful initially to allow him/her to prepare the oral story overnight. As pupils become more proficient, they can make up the story on the spot.

This is a large 65 page resource. If you find that the cards are too large, you can set your printer preferences to print two pages per page.

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