Abairtí Oíche ShamhnaI was asked to make these seasonal sentence builder activities available “as Gaeilge”. They feature cats, bats and hats, are suitable for pupils who are starting on the road to reading as Gaeilge. It teaches left to right orientation, capital letters and full stops as well as sentence construction in Gaeilge. They are also reinforcing numbers 1-3 and the colours red, black and purple.

Pages 1-9 should be laminated and velcro should be stuck in the blank boxes. Pages 10-12 should be laminated, individual boxes should then be cut out and velcro attached to the back. These should then be attached to another blank, laminated sheet.

The pupil should be given one of the sentence builder sheets and asked to look at the picture and to select the correct answer boxes. The pupil should stick these in the correct places and read the sentence. (I hope all this makes sense!) Please let me know if this is a resource that works for emergent reading as Gaeilge

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