KidblogGetting pupils blogging is a great dimension to add to the class dynamic. It is most rewarding for both the pupils and the teacher. I have written a previous post about commencing a class blog with my 6th class this year. It has been well received by pupils and parents alike. The pupils quite like getting work, including homework,  to do on the blog and one of the aspects that they like is commenting on each other’s blog posts.

Because of the novelty of doing work on the blog, I have allowed a certain freedom in comments being posted on the blog. However, I have begun to challenge the pupils to improve the quality of the comments that they are posting. Short, pithy, meaningless comments are not allowed and they have been similarly warned that comments that include text speech and that are not fully formed sentences will no longer be published.

I created this video for my pupils so that they have some idea of what is and is not acceptable in comments on each other’s blog posts. Feel free to share this video with your pupils if you use a blog as part of your classroom routine. The video gives tips on the do’s and don’ts of making comments on a blog. I made this video using the Video Scribe app to encourage pupils to improve the way in which they post comments on one another’s blog posts. Video Scribe is available for iPhone/iPod (€1.79), iPad(€4.99) and for Android (€2.94) devices.