The Object Lesson 03

This is an oral language activity that can be done with pupils from second class upwards. On each card is the name of an everyday object. The purpose of the activity is for the pupils to describe the object on the card to the class without mentioning the name of the object. The more you do this activity, the better pupils become at it. They will also quickly realise that if they give obvious clues, the answer is a bit of a giveaway. Therefore pupils will soon realise that they can be a little more clever in the way they phrase a clue. I usually have a rule that the speaker must give at least three clues about the object before the class is allowed to start guessing. If a guess is wrong, another clue must be given.

There are 40 cards in this resource. They should be printed, cut out and laminated. They should then be put into a box and pupils pick a card at random. The rule is that if they don’t like the first card they select, they may put it back and select a second. However, they must then stick with the second selected card – this makes pupils think twice about putting back a card.

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