Before Christmas, I asked my pupils to describe, using only one word, what it was like working with iPods in the classroom. We discussed the importance of using the best word to describe what it was like for them using this technology in the classroom. Words that came up were: exciting, fantastic, excellent, brilliant and amazing. However, I was also delighted that such simple words as “cool” and “fun” were also used to describe the experience of the pupils – this just brought home to me that the pupils were enjoying learning in school.

So, I asked the pupils to design their word into a picture using the Doodle Buddies app on the iPod Touch. When they were finished we used the Bump app to transfer their work onto the teacher’s iPod. The pictures were then downloaded, printed out and hung proudly on the wall. I’ve used the Animoto video creation website to put together the design work of the pupils into a video. I hope you like it.