Around Hallowe’en I became aware of an iPod app through Twitter (through Mary Farmer who will be attending this year’s CESI National Conference) called Make a Martian. It’s a really simple app to use and the pupils loved it. They quickly discovered how to use the app themselves. You are given a basic background and different body shapes for the Martian. You can then add different features to the body to make the Martian individual. The pupils really loved making their Martian art work. We printed them out and hung them proudly on the wall. We also printed out smaller copies of them, stuck them into the creative writing copies and the pupils wrote descriptive portraits of their Martian. The app was so easy to use that they showed their iBuddies in Senior Infants how to use it and they made their own Martians. They also did some written work about their Martians. This video shows the art work completed by Rang II and Rang III using this app.