Charlie Harte and his Two-Wheeled Tiger

by admin on 17/10/2010

Charlie Harte and the Two-Wheeled Tiger

Charlie would love a bike, but his family cannot afford one. Then he manages to assemble a strange-looking bike from old bits and pieces — not exactly cool, but full of character. In fact, so full of character that it almost begins to develop a life of its own! This strange bike changes Charlie’s life …

This book by Frank Murphy is aimed at pupils in middle standards. There is a document for the teacher containing suggestions on how to use the book as a cross-curricular resource in the Second Class classroom. There are also worksheets for the pupils to complete.

Teacher’s Guide - Ideas on how to use the book in the classroom(.pdf file 61KB)

Activity Sheet 1 -  Comprehension questions based on pages 7 – 14 (.pdf file 79KB)

Activity Sheet 2 –  Comprehension questions based on pages 15 – 23 (.pdf file 72KB)

Activity Sheet 3-  Word puzzle based on pages 15 – 23 (.pdf file 46KB)

Activity Sheet 4-  Comprehension questions based on pages 24 – 32 (.pdf file 53KB)

Activity Sheet 5 –  Paint your own bicycle activity (.pdf file 113KB)

Activity Sheet 6 –  Comprehension questions based on pages 33 – 45  (.pdf file 62KB)

Activity Sheet 7 -  Rules for Safe Cycling (.pdf file 45KB)

Activity Sheet 8 -  Comprehension questions based on pages 46 – 49  (.pdf file 50KB)

Activity Sheet 9 -  Telephone calls activity based on pages 50 – 55 (.pdf file 45KB)

Activity Sheet 10 -  Comprehension questions based on pages 55 – 66 (.pdf file 70KB)

Activity Sheet 11 -  Comprehension questions based on pages 67 – 75  (.pdf file 69KB)

Activity Sheet 12 -  Cloze exercise based on pages 76 – 80 (.pdf file 35KB)

Activity Sheet 13 -  Comprehension questions based on pages 81 – 92 (.pdf file 71KB)

These resources have been made available to Seomra Ranga with the kind permission of the O’ Brien Press. ( O’ Brien Press retains the copyright of the resources.

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