SEN Links

Seomra Ranga does not maintain any of the web sites provided as links so it assumes no responsibility for their contents, nor does any link constitute an endorsement of any other site, its sponsor or its contents. These links are just suggestions of websites that teachers may wish to visit to compliment their classroom teaching.





  • Irish Society for Autism – creating awareness of autism in Ireland
  • Irish Autism Action – support, information and advice
  • Irish Deaf Kids – supporting inclusive education for children with hearing issues in Ireland
  • ADHD Ireland – website of a Parent and Adult Support Group
  • Gifted Kids – Support site for parents of Gifted Children in Ireland
  • CLAPA – Cleft Lip and Palate Association – UK support group
  • 22q11 Ireland – website of the Irish support group for those with this genetic deletion syndrome
  • SBHI – Spina Bifida and Hydracephalus Ireland
  • HADD – Support for children with ADHD – also has a downloadable book in .pdf format with resources for teachers
  • PWSAI – Prader Willi Syndrome Association of Ireland
  • IATSE – Irish Association of Teachers in Special Education
  • ILSA – Irish Learning Support Association
  • SESS – Special Education Support Service
  • ADD/ADHD Diagnosis – links and information involved in the diagnosis of ADD/ADHD
  • BDA – British Dyslexia Association
  • NCSE – National Council for Special Education
  • Inclusion Ireland (formerly NAMHI) – National Association for People with an Intellectual Disability
  • NDA – National Disability Authority
  • Brainwave – Irish Epilepsy Association
  • Cleft Lip and Palate Association of Ireland
  • Dyslexia Association of Ireland
  • Headway – The National Association for Acquired Brain Injury
  • HDAI – Huntingtons Disease Association of Ireland
  • IFXS – Irish Fragile X Society
  • Reach – The Association for Children with Hand or Arm Deficiency

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