Noun or Verb?

by admin on 06/01/2017

Is it a noun or is it a verb? Do I spell it with a “C” or with an “S”? Most adults won’t be able to tell you the answer. This resource focuses on the words advice/advise, licence/license, practice/practise and prophecy/prophesy. It contains 10 pages of material to display in the classroom to teach pupils when to use each of these words and how to tell the difference.

It contains explanations, tips on how to learn the difference, sample sentences and guess the correct answer activities. Ideally, I would suggest printing out all of the pages, cutting out each of the sections and laminating them. They could then be displayed in an interesting way to stimulate the pupils’ interest.

The resource also includes a pupil worksheet to assess if they have understood what you have taught. This is supplied both in colour and in black/white to save on printing costs.

Download Display File (.pdf file 577 KB)

Download Pupil Worksheet (.pdf file 99.5 KB)

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