This resource is aimed at pupils in junior/middle classes or SEN pupils. Its aim is to help pupils who are beginning to learn addition tables. It could also be used as an assessment tool for addition tables. There are fourteen cards for pupils to Make 13.

Laminate all of the pages in the resource. Cut up the number sentence cards, the answers base board and the small answer numbers. Adhere Velcro to the blank boxes on the number sentences, the blank boxes on the answers base board and to the rear of the answer numbers. Jumble up the answers and place them on the answers base board. The pupil then has to select a number to place on each number sentence to make it make sense.

Alternatively, the resource could simply be printed and given to pupils, where they have to cut and paste the answers onto each number sentence. Pupils could also be asked to write out the number sentences into a maths copy.

This activity is especially suitable for pupils who may not be able to write answers but are able to count. It is a way for them to demonstrate their knowledge of tables/number sentences. It is also good for fine motor skills in the matching activity itself. We use activities like this in our SEN setting for independent tasks.

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