verb_matching_02This resource is aimed at pupils in junior classes or SEN pupils with speech and language difficulties. It assumes an ability to read. The verbs would also need to be taught in advance. Links to the teaching verb cards can be found below. Its aim is to assess whether pupils can match the verb words with the appropriate images.

Laminate all of the pages in the resource. Cut up the images into 12 separate cards. Cut up the verb words on pages 3. Adhere Velcro to the spaces under the images and to the rear of the verbs. Pupils then have to match the correct verbs to each image.

Alternatively, the resource could simply be printed and given to pupils, where they have to cut and paste the answers under each of the images.

This activity is especially suitable for pupils who may not be able to write answers but are able to identify the actions portrayed in the images. It is a way for them to demonstrate their understanding of the verb words. It is also good for fine motor skills in the matching activity itself. We use activities like this in our SEN setting for independent tasks.

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Verb Teaching Packs:

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