Sorting 06This resource is aimed at pupils in junior classes or pupils with speech and language difficulties. Categorisation is an important skill for younger/SEN pupils to develop. This resource aims to develop categorisation skills as well as to encourage oral language. This sorting activity focuses on colour discrimination.

Pages 2-7 should be laminated. The small images on pages 5-7 should then be cut out. With a teacher/SNA working with a pupil, pages 2-4 are placed on the table. The cut-out images could then be handed to the pupil one at a time and ask them what it is, what colour it is and to place it on the correct sheet. When the pupil is achieving success with this, more than one image can be handed to them at a time. Eventually, all 24 images could be handed to the pupil at once to sort.

There is a reference image in the centre of each category page to assist pupils. Images are also colour co-ordinated to assist with categorisation.

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