Hinky Pinkie Pelmanism 01Pelmanism is the name of the memory game which you play by turning up pairs of cards from a pack and trying to pick out matching pairs. It is named after the Pelman Institute which was set up for the study of memory in London in the 1930s.

Hinkie Pinkies is an activity based on having fun with language, suitable for middle and senior standards. There are twenty clue cards with twenty answer cards in the resource. All answers have two rhyming words.

The cards are best printed, laminated and cut out so that they can be used again and again. The game is probably best played in pairs. To start the game, the cards are mixed up and turned face down on table/floor. The first pupil uncovers any two cards. If he/she makes a match between clue card and answer card, he/she keeps the pair and gets two points. If he/she doesn’t make a match, the cards are again turned face down, but the pupils have to try and remember where each card is located. The winner is the pupil with the most points.

The clue cards and the answer cards have different colours to avoid confusion. The cards could initially be turned upside down in two separate piles, so that a pupil knows that they are picking a separate clue card and answer card. However, as the pupils become more proficient with the game, all of the cards could be mixed up together.

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