Verbs 02This resource is aimed at pupils in junior classes or pupils with speech and language difficulties. Its aim is to encourage oral language, especially verbs, and sentence structure. The focus can also be on the pronouns he, she and they. The teacher can start with the question at the top of each card: “What is/are he/she/they doing?” This could be followed up with questions like “Where are they?” and “How do you know?” This type of question encourages inference and deduction from the context.

The questions could also be phrased, “What is the boy doing?” with the expectation that the pupil will answer using the appropriate pronoun, in this case “he”.

There are two A5 landscape size cards on each page illustrated using real photographs. I would suggest that all pages be printed out and laminated. They should then be cut up into ten separate cards which can be used again and again when working with individual pupils.

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