My Friend With AutismThis Powerpoint resource is aimed at the general body of pupils in a school where there may be a pupil/s with autism. It aims to inform pupils about autism and to dispel any myths they may have about befriending a pupil with autism. Although every pupil with autism is uniquely different, this presentation contains many generalisations about autism. This was unavoidable in order to give pupils a flavour of how pupils with autism may behave or think.

Many thanks to Helen and her 14 year old son Fionn from the Autistic and Proud website for giving me feedback on the presentation before publication. Fionn’s suggestions definitely made the presentation clearer. Fionn’s assertion that “EVERYONE has habits that are annoying for other people too” had to be included in the presentation! It was great to get feedback from an “aspie” as Fionn often refers to himself on his blog, which is compulsive reading for teachers interested in the area of autism.

You can choose to download the file by clicking on the links below or to view the presentation in the embedded Slideshare. The best version is probably the .pptx file.

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