Measures BingoEducational bingo games are a great way for pupils to learn so many different skills. They help with listening skills, visual discrimination, group work, turn taking and the reinforcement of the learning content of that particular bingo game.

This bingo game focuses on measures in maths – mm, cm, m, km, ml, l, g, kg. It is aimed at a group of six pupils in middle and senior classes, so it would be useful for Station Maths Teaching. Print out and laminate sheets 1-6 for the pupils. Print and laminate multiple copies of sheets 7-8 and cut into individual cards. Place the deck of cards upside-down in the centre of the group. Each pupil selects a card from the top of the deck. If they have an equivalent measure on their card, they place the selected card on top of it. The first pupil to cover all six measures on their card wins the game.

Alternatively, just print one copy of pages 7-8, laminate and cut up into cards. Place the deck of cards in the centre of the group. When a pupil selects a card with the equivalent measure as one on their own card, they cover their measure with a counter or small cube and return the card to the bottom of the deck.

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