Components of a StoryThe Write-A-Book project started in the 1980s in Blackrock Education Centre and is now being run by many of the Education Centres around the country. It is a fantastic project that is heavily rooted in the curriculum and especially integrates the areas of creative writing in English and the Visual Arts.

What distinguishes the project from other similar ventures is the emphasis on the process approach to creative writing. Over the duration of the project, pupils should get the chance to write a first draft, do some conferencing, as a result of the conferencing they should be able to do some editing. They should then commence a final draft. After that work should commence on illustrating the story and, using visual arts, devise an attractive way of presenting the book.

The following is a selection of resources that I’ve gathered over the years from my involvement with the project:


WABP Calendar – timeline showing how to organise the project

The Writing Process – steps to follow in creative writing

Elements of a Story – flashcards

New Beginnings – how to start a story

Happy Endings – how to write effective and different endings

Setting the Scene – how to write descriptions to set the scene

Character Creation – how to create characters

Descriptive Portraits – how to describe characters

Editing Checklist – questions to ask yourself

Editing A Draft – what a “sloppy copy” looks like

Self Conference – help to improve your own story

Peer Conference – get a partner to help improve your story

Authors’ Circles – get a group to help improve your story

Ordering a Book – the order for the different components in the book

Infant Books – suggestions for infants


Components of a Story – what makes up a story

Setting the Scene – gives the story a sense of place

New Beginnings – great openings for stories

Happy Endings – how to successfully conclude your story

Editing Using ARRR Method – a formula for editing

Authors’ Circles – a key part of the process

Designing a Book – ideas for how to put the book together and design it