Number Order 02This resource is geared towards younger pupils and SEN pupils. It is to be used to reinforce number order for numbers 1-10. Page 1 has a complete set of the numbers 1-10. The following six pages have a number grid with some of the numbers missing. The last page has a blank grid where all of the numbers 1-10 are missing. Pages with missing numbers have a smaller number grid to help pupils identify the missing numbers.

The resource could be used in a number of ways. All of the pages could be laminated – page 1 should then be cut up into individual numbers. Velcro should be attached to numbers from page 1 and spaces in other pages. The pupil could then be asked to place the numbers into the correct spaces on any of the following pages.

Alternatively, numerous copies of page 1 could be printed and pupils could be asked to cut out and glue the numbers into the correct spaces on the following pages. This could be an ideal activity for numeracy station work in junior classes. A pack of 6-8 sets could be put together, one for each pupil in the group, to be completed at a “number order station”.

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