Handball at SchoolThe International Handball Federation has recently developed a project called Handball at School and is currently rolling out the project in several countries around the world, including Ireland. The aim of the project is to get children of school age interested in this fast-paced sport and to derive benefit and enjoyment from it. With the motto “Fun, Passion and Health”, it is also hoped to make handball (sometimes referred to as ‘Olympic Handball’ in Ireland to distinguish it from GAA Handball) an integral part of the curriculum in physical education at an early age, increase the commitment for the sport and pave the way for an involvement in handball into adulthood.

Last week the next phase of the project went live and this was the Handball at School website. On the website Primary School teachers can learn how to use the teaching resources that it contains. These resources include short video demonstrations of how to play the game of handball – these videos can be viewed online or they can be downloaded for viewing offline, something which might be appreciated by schools with poor broadband reception. The videos are also unique in that you can view the demonstration of the particular skill from four different angles, so teachers and pupils can really appreciate body positions for that particular skill. The download section of the site also includes a 60 page manual for teachers to assist them in the teaching of the various skills of the sport.

Teachers who might like to consider including the teaching of the skills of this sport in their PE planning for the next school year should visit the Handball at School website.