Eight rounds of six questions, a tie-break round and answers to all questions on 145 Powerpoint slides. I’ve attempted to provide a variety of questions from different curricular areas with varying degrees of difficulty. Hopefully, there is a mixture of easy enough questions and some to challenge the better able pupils. The aim really is that pupils should be able to get a good few correct with the harder ones there to sort out winners. At the end of each round is a Hallowe’en Joke to get kids into festive mood.

In my own school, we organise a quiz like this in the school hall, where we try to make sure that each team has a pupil from 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th classes. The teams are not organised, but are in random order as pupils arrive to the hall eg 6th class arrive first and are split into 30 teams; 5th class come next and are put into teams along with a 6th class pupil according as they are in their line; the same happens with 4th and 3rd classes, so there is no great organisation of teams.

The quiz is very suitable for the IWB in the classroom or in the school hall with laptop an digital projector. The aim is that pupils will enjoy learning a little about Hallowe’en with a little competitive element thrown in. Please let me know how you organised your Hallowe’en Table Quiz and how your pupils got on with the questions. You can choose to download the file by clicking on the link below or to view the quiz in the embedded Slideshare. Above all, have fun!

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