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by admin on 23/09/2012

Over the past few years I had read about other educators using Kidblog to get their pupils blogging. I didn’t delve into it too much as I had been teaching younger pupils for the past few years. However, now that I moved back up to 6th class, I decided to investigate this blogging platform and to see how I could use it in the classroom. I knew that Nigel Lane had been using it with his pupils, so I asked for his advice. I decided to take the plunge and set up a class account.

The benefits of using Kidblog are:

• It is used by educators around the world to enhance and compliment the curriculum

• It is a safe and secure platform that is specifically geared towards schools

• The teacher is able to control activity

• It is a means to motivate pupils to learn, write, ask questions

• It teaches pupils the rules of Digital Citizenship and how to behave responsibly in an online community

I wrote to parents and explained how Kidblog is designed for primary teachers who want to provide each pupil with an individual blog. Pupils can publish posts and participate in academic discussions within a secure classroom blogging community. The teacher maintains complete control over student blogs and user accounts. The pupils’ blogs can be private and viewable only by classmates and the teacher or they can be public. Schools can connect with each other through Kidblog. Pupils can work on their blog at their own pace/level at home or at school. Pupils are able to comment on each other’s blogs but comments can be moderated and approved by the teacher before they appear. Through using this safe and secure blogging platform pupils can:

• create classroom discussions

• learn digital citizenship

• practice writing skills

• create an e-portfolio

• reflect on learning

• formatively assess writing

So, last week, I introduced my pupils to the whole concept of personal blogs and they were very receptive and enthusiastic. Over the course of the first week, to say that I have been blown away by it is an understatement. The figures speak for themselves – 160 posts have been written and there have been 1,000 comments (and this is just the 30 pupils in the class as I have set it up completely secure and just for ourselves). Although I have given some written assignments for homework to be done on the blog, there has been quite a lot of spontaneous written work appearing on pupils’ blogs. Pupils are writing about their hobbies and interests all week so I have been reading about horses, dogs, planes, football, birds, animals, hurling, online games. The list is endless. Kidblog seems to have given the pupils what the Ebglish curriculum intended – writing for a purpose with a real audience in mind.

However, two things have been really interesting for me: firstly, the way that the blog has gelled the class together – they are been hugely positive and supportive to each other and commenting on each other’s posts and asking each other questions; secondly the blog appears to be serving all ability levels within the class, and there are varying degrees of ability. Everybody is working at their own abilities and the others are supportive of that in their positive comments and encouragement.

The tag graphic to the right shows the range of topics that have been written in the last week. Some of the things that we have been doing on the blog include:

Θ They have been writing posts in response to the class novel that we are reading, “Under the Hawthorn Tree”

Θ They have written what they have learned about the Celts that we have been studying in history

Θ They have been taking photographs of their art work with our iPods and uploading them to their blogs as a digital art portfolio

Θ They have been writing about their own interests and hobbies

Θ I have given them maths puzzles every night taken from the 7 Puzzle Blog – they don’t have to do them but many are loving the challenge (“keep them coming!!!” one pupil commented)

Θ They used the Strip Design App on their iPods to create a simple comic strip using the Gaeilge phrase that we had been learning “Is breá liom a bheith ag ….” and they uploaded this to their blogs. Some even wrote spontaneously “as Gaeilge” how they had completed their “leabhar grinn”.

Θ I have used the Hokusai App to record their Gaeilge reading and uploaded it onto the blog as an MP3 to help them with reading for homework

Θ I have used the Show Me App to record solutions to maths problems and uploaded them to the blog as a video to help with maths homework

Θ I’ve put links up to websites that I want the pupils to visit to practise a particular skill eg. this week they visited Edware to practise the counties of Ireland

Using Strip Design for Gaeilge

From the evidence of activity on Kidblog during this first week, it has been hugely motivational. It seems that pupils are excitedly doing blog work at home and delighting in the comments they are receiving. I’m trying to comment on most of the posts and they seem to like that also. I’ve got very positive feedback from some parents who are amazed at the enthusiasm of the pupils for it. One parent remarked that she never before saw her child so eager to do homework!

I’ve even had to put a curfew on activity on the blog – 9pm is now cut-off point with the threat of losing their account if they are on it after that time. I can see that some pupils are on the blog even before they come to school. Some pupils have even been blogging this weekend, without prompting from the teacher. The activity has been so hectic this week, I’m sure the novelty will wear off at some stage and that enthusiasm may wane. However, I have plenty of ideas to keep the pupils motivated and wanting to produce their own work. Time will tell for sure, but at the moment Kidblog has been a huge hit with my pupils.

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Nicki O September 23, 2012 at 11:02 pm

Wow! Can’t believe the huge potential for a project like this. So much more at work than simply writing exercises (which have great value in themselves). Almost makes me wish I had an older class to try it with. Almost! Well done to you and to the class – I’d say you’ll be inspiring many others to follow suit!

admin September 23, 2012 at 11:08 pm

Thanks Nicki. The idea is to show others the possibilities of other ways of learning, rather than the traditional ways. We still do “traditional” learning but this idea just grabs the imagination of the pupils and gives them some ownership of their own learning. It’s also given me an opportunity to learn so much about the pupils. I now know who’s hugely into animals, who loves gaming, who likes coding, who’s into sports etc.

Roisin September 24, 2012 at 12:22 am

Had similar results last year with 5th class. I used Edublogs. The children took to it with great enthusiasm and blogging even continued over the summer! I had a small whiteboard where I put suggestions for posts. – some children didn’t know what to write about. I’ll hopefully get going again this year with my new 6th class.
Btw, I really enjoy your blog and site!

Máire O September 24, 2012 at 12:45 am

My experience with kidblog has been very similar to yours so it’s great to read about your experience. I experimented with a number of blog platforms over the summer and eventually decided on as I liked the idea that each child could have their own page and thereby some form of ownership of their blog while I had total control. I had worked on setting up the kidblog during the summer as I was also getting hooked on twitter and learning about it and so I literally started on the first day back to school…jumped right in as I had set up all their blog pages and all I had to do was give them their passwords and off they went like ducks to water.

Their reaction to the blog was incredible and just like you say I now know lots about the kids very quickly as they are writing non stop about what interests them. I have also seen an incredible improvement in their spellings and editing skills as I appealed to them to make a better effort in that area as I was doing a lot of editing and it was taking such a long time.. they took it on board and the posts have really improved ! . They did the first 100 word challenge and that was a great success.
I left the blog public and the kids absolutely love when someone outside of school comments on their work. We have linked up with Mr Brendan Kennys Class in Nenagh and the kids have been commenting on each others work there. Also Rang riona has linked with us as have a school in NSW in Australia so I think we’re nearly quad blogging without meaning to!

Towards the end of last week I started putting assignments up on my blog page for the class to do – our first one was geography and the countries of Europe and that was a huge hit so I began to see the potential for a type of webquest but using the blog to set it up so have now set one up for History this coming week based on the Famine and local studies.

Three weeks of blogging and my eyes are nearly gone as teachers beware! there is a lot of work involved as you have full control but this means that you are constantly trying to get ahead of the publishing and editing. I’ve discovered that I can edit and publish using my iphone!! It is really worthwhile though although I have to admit that I asked the class not to blog this weekend just to let me catch up on the posts I haven’t managed to get published yet…

For me the biggest eye opener is how beneficial blogging is to the whole idea of differentiation in a big class (I have 31). It is giving the well able kids a platform to do as much as they want and the children with difficulties are getting a great boost when they see their work published, All of the kids love the comments and they are very supportive of each other also lots of questioning etc going on

In summary and kids blogging on it has massive potential, ticks many boxes and covers a lot of bases in our overcrowded curriculum

admin September 24, 2012 at 5:38 pm

Sounds like you all can see the huge benefits to pupils with blogging. I can see homework already coming in on the blog where they were doing some creative writing in response to a short animated video. They are really enjoying it!

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