TechnologySome time ago Catherine Cronin, academic coordinator of online IT programmes and lecturer in IT at the National University of Ireland, Galway, asked me to take part in a video showcasing technology being used in Irish classrooms. Along with a number of other Irish educators, we submitted short videos of examples of how pupils are using technologies to discover new ways of learning in Irish classrooms. With the help of Mark Glynn and Fred Boss Catherine has compiled a wonderful video entitled “New Ways of Learning: Ireland 2012“. The video demonstrates the variety of exciting ways that primary and post-primary pupils are using a range of new technologies in the classroom to enhance the curriculum. Most of the contributors to the video also take part in the weekly education discussions via Twitter with the hashtag #edchatie My class and I were delighted to be involved – they’re the young pupils in the middle of the video using iPods! The video is being shown this weekend as part of the Expo for the Volvo Ocean Race in Galway.