Is Féidir LiomTeachers are always looking for new resources for the teaching of Gaeilge in the classroom, given the lack of appropriate and practical resources available. Interactive resources for the teaching of Gaeilge are even more scarce. So, I was delighted to have been made aware of the development of more Gaeilge interactive resources on the Is Féidir Liom website.

The site itself is a foundational course in Gaeilge for adult learners but the interactive Flash-based exercises that are available on the site, 20 in all at the moment with the promise of further resources to come, are well suited to the primary school classroom. The exercises involve drag and drop activities where pupils will be required to match picture with word, while also hearing the word spoken; match the hidden pairs exercises; exercises to practice ainmfhocail; interactive crosfhocail. The new interactive exercises added to the site are designed to practice knowledge of briathra. One slight drawback to these exercises is that instructions for how to complete them are written in English on screen which may put some teachers off. To access these resources, visit the Is Féidir Liom website and click on the “Interactives” button at the top right of the screen.