Know the RomansFor any teacher looking at teaching about the Romans under the “Early Peoples and Ancient Societies” Strand Unit of the SESE History curriculum, you would be well advised to visit the Know The Romans website. This website is a “one-stop-shop” for everything about the Romans and provides plenty of material for use in the primary school classroom. It includes information about the Romans under the following headings: Settlements; Education; The Senate; the Empire; Health; Emperors; Engineering; Houses; the Fall of Rome; Roads and Trade; Slavery; the Army; Society; Food and Clothing; Religion and Gods; Entertainment. The website also has embedded lots of videos about different aspects of Roman life which would really add to the learning experience in the classroom, although I was unable to view the videos in full screen mode. Throughout different sections of the website there are short quizzes which pupils can take to assess learning. There are a number of links to games with a Roman theme on other websites. Know the Romans also has a downloadable book which would be suitable for the teacher for lesson preparation. All in all, this website is a great resource for any teacher preparing to do a series of lessons on the Romans. Visit the website HERE >>>>>

Seomra Ranga does not maintain any of the web sites provided as links so it assumes no responsibility for their contents, nor does any link constitute an endorsement of any other site, its sponsor or its contents. These links are just suggestions of websites that teachers may wish to visit to compliment their classroom teaching. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of each individual teacher or school to determine whether the links provided are suitable for children to visit.