Science Week 2011

Science Week Ireland takes place from Sunday November 13th to Sunday November 20th. It is an exciting and innovative annual event which first took place in 1996. It has grown to a programme of over 500 events scheduled across the country. It aims to make science more interesting and accessible to children and adults alike. It highlights science, technology and engineering as being hugely relevant to us all in our everyday lives; that it develops cutting edge innovations, leads to interesting and exiting career options and develops creativity in our children.

The theme for Science Week Ireland 2011 is ‘The Chemistry of Life’, demonstrating the importance of chemistry to our everyday lives – from the atoms that are the building blocks of nature to the chemistry that creates lasting bonds between people. The chemistry in our lives can be found in the beauty products we use, the microchips in our mobile phones, and in the food and water we consume.

As well as events taking place around the country, teachers are asked to focus on science in the classroom during Science Week. Primary Classroom Resources are available online with suggestions of simple experiments that can be done in the classroom. Discover Primary Science and Maths website also has a range of Science Week Activities that can be done in the classroom, which includes teacher notes and videos.

Here’s an example of a simple science experiment that can be done in the classroom with primary pupils of any age: