Air-Raid Shelter

This is an oral language game that can be tied in with a unit of work on war in history. In each set, there are eight cards with the name of an occupation written on them. The idea is that you explain to pupils that there has been an outbreak of war in your area and they have to go to an air-raid shelter. However, there is only room in the shelter for six people (or just two less than the number of pupils in the group). Each member of the group must make arguments to the class as to why they should receive one of the six places in the air-raid shelter; they must explain what skill-sets they have, by virtue of their occupation, that would make them indispensable to the group in the air-raid shelter and why their survival is imperative in the aftermath of the outbreak of the war. The class group then decides which arguments were most persuasive to allow that person to have a place in the air-raid shelter.

All downloads are in .pdf format.

Air-Raid Shelter – Set 1 (8.17KB)

Air-Raid Shelter – Set 2 (8.44KB)

Air-Raid Shelter – Set 3 (8.22KB)

Air-Raid Shelter – Set 4 (8.17KB)

Air-Raid Shelter – Set 5 (8.29KB)