Heritage in Schools

The Heritage in Schools scheme aims to engage children in learning about their shared heritage in a creative, engaging way. Education is at the heart of The Heritage Council’s work programme. With knowledge comes a greater sense of responsibility and appreciation of the value of heritage as it contributes to our quality of life. The Heritage in Schools scheme makes available to primary schools a panel of 165 heritage specialists who will, at the request of a teacher, visit a primary school to work directly with the children. The visit by the heritage specialist is part-funded by the school and the remaining costs are funded by the Heritage Council.

The Heritage Council has recently launched a website to compliment the Heritage in Schools Scheme. The website is a one-stop shop for teachers who wish to integrate the theme of heritage into the classroom. The website offers teachers a number of services:

  • Search for a heritage specialist by their county and their area of interest
  • Read heritage articles by experts on the blog
  • Download Booking Forms and Evaluation Forms in relation to a heritage expert school visit
  • View examples of Teacher Investigations for various class standards that can be completed in the classroom or in the local area
  • Download some Heritage in Schools publications
  • Access links to resources under the headings of Agriculture/Food; Archaeology; Built Heritage; Archives; Traditional Customs; Wildlife/Habitat

The Heritage in Schools website can be accessed at http://www.heritageinschools.ie/