The Great Pig Escape

When the farm cat warns Runtling the pig of his approaching fate, he realises that the trip to market is one which he must avoid at all costs and he rushes off to warn his long-lost siblings of the danger. Together the thirteen pigs escape and make their way across country, learning all sorts of new things about themselves, about humans and about the world outside the farmyard. It seems that their troubles are over when they find an abandoned farm. Then the new owners take possession of their land and the pigs fear that their escape has been in vain. But Nick and Polly Faraway have strange, alternative ideas about farming and a lifestyle which may work to the benefit of pigs and humans. Maybe there can be a happy ending after all!

This book by Linda Moller is aimed at pupils in middle standards. There is a document for the teacher containing suggestions on how to use the book as a cross-curricular resource in the Third Class classroom. There are also worksheets for the pupils to complete.

Teacher’s Guide  Ideas on how to use the book in the classroom(.pdf file 67KB)

Activity Sheet 1 –  Questions based on pages 9 – 17 (.pdf file 40KB)

Activity Sheet 2 –  Questions based on pages 18 – 35 (.pdf file 40KB)

Activity Sheet 3–  Exercises based on pages 36 – 50 (.pdf file 43KB)

Activity Sheet 4–  Exercises based on pages 51 – 63 (.pdf file 39KB)

Activity Sheet 5 –  Exercises based on pages 64 – 90 (.pdf file 38KB)

Activity Sheet 6 –  Exercises based on pages 91 – 119  (.pdf file 44KB)

Activity Sheet 7 –  Exercises based on pages 120 – 143 (.pdf file 42KB)

These resources have been made available to Seomra Ranga with the kind permission of the O’ Brien Press. ( O’ Brien Press retains the copyright of the resources.