Gene’s grandfather, Cherokee, is a famous jazz musician and Gene travels the world with him. He loves the life and his only ambition is to be a musician too. But his aunt is totally opposed to the idea and when Gene is left on an island by accident, she sees her chance to give him a ‘normal’ life. Is this the end of Gene’s dreams? Gene has a wonderful life travelling the world with his famous grandfather, jazz musician Cherokee Crawford. Adventure, excitement, and his clarinet – what more could he need? The answer, says his Aunt Joan, is a normal life, with rules and discipline. She finally succeeds in getting him away from Cherokee to her own house, where the only music allowed is the hum of the hoover! Is this the end of Gene’s dreams, and what is really behind his aunt’s hatred of music? Escape seems the only answer – but life has a lot of surprises in store for Gene.

This book by Creina Mansfield is aimed at pupils in senior classes. These documents for the teacher contain suggestions on how to use the book as a cross-curricular resource in the Fifth Class classroom.

Teaching Guide  (.pdf file 126KB)

Teaching Ideas (.pdf file 92KB)

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