Alfie Green and the Bee-Bottle Gang

Alfie is in big trouble. He stopped Whacker Walsh and his gang from trapping bees in the park and now they are out to get him. What can he do? The wise old plant in the magical book comes up with a plan that sends Alfie back to Arcania in search of the Queen Bee in Honeycomb Mountain. But first he has to survive an attack from the blazing bushes of Firethorn Valley! Alfie needs back-up — and he needs it NOW!

This book by Joe O’ Brien is aimed at younger pupils. This document for the teacher contains suggestions on how to use the book as a cross-curricular resource in the Second Class classroom. There are also worksheets for use by the pupils.

Teacher’s Guide – Ideas for using the book in the classroom (.pdf file 99KB)

Worksheet 1  A Bit of a Muddle (.pdf file 115KB)

Worksheet 2  A Brand New Adventure (.pdf file 36KB)

These resources have been made available to Seomra Ranga with the kind permission of the O’ Brien Press. ( O’ Brien Press retains the copyright of the resources.