Clock Face

by admin on 15/08/2008

Clock Face

Clock Face

Clock Face is a freeware programme based on a solitaire type game for teaching the time. It is a downloadable file of only 456KB, so it downloads and installs relatively quickly. The programme window has a clock face. Beside each number on the clock is a bundle of four cards, with a card in the centre. You start the game by clicking the card in the centre. The cards have a time written on them eg. “Half past”, “20 Minutes past” etc. You have to drag and drop the card onto the correct position on the clock. If you place the card in the correct position, it goes to the bottom of that pile and you click the top card and repeat the process.

Just as in a normal deck, there are 52 cards – four cards for each position on the clock and four “Clock Centres”. These are cards with a spot in the centre – they are sort of like “lives”. The object of the game is to reveal all 48 time cards before revealing the four “Clock Centres”. The game is over when you have placed all the cards in their correct positions or when you have revealed all four “Clock Centres”. You earn points for every card placed in its correct position, and the faster you do this, the more points you earn.

This programme is easy to download and install and quite easy to play. It is most suitable for middle and senior standards in the primary school as it requires the pupil to know all positions on the clock in analogue time. The game can be downloaded from:


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